DWF Master Program

A 1 year hybrid on-the-job learning program to boost your innovation culture & performance.

How to build your 10X-ValueFactory in 90 days

A thriving, high-performance culture is critical to business success.


Discover how to close the gap between your company ambitions and current operations.


Create the foundations for your sustainable innovation culture and performance.


Implement mindset and mechanism to sustain and govern innovation projects.


Scale culture and mechanisms in your organisation, delivering concrete results.

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Successful leaders shape fit & healthy cultures

…instead of allowing counterproductive (sub)cultures to restrain their business growth. Compelling evidence demonstrates the link between a healthy, high-performance culture and financial and other performance results. Creating a thriving, high-performance culture has a long-term, sustainable impact on performance, providing organizations with a distinct competitive advantage. When the total culture is addressed, it creates a better, more inclusive and thriving work environment, which translates into: ✔︎ better financial results ✔︎ more engaged, inspired, innovative and higher-performing employees ✔︎ more satisfied and loyal customers ✔︎ more top-line growth

Build your 10X-ValueFactory in 90 days

This innovation booster master program gives you the keys to make culture (=behaviour) and innovation really work. The program gives you insights and hands-on tools. Without a clear foundation and vision individual behaviour is just a respons to fuzzy triggers. You create your own clear framework to connect individual employees to the greater company cause: providing value to the customer-of-tomorrow. You understand the mechanisms and boundaries that limit your performance level today. You get a blueprint to establish and sustain innovation-focused behaviour. You get the latest insights on structuring Innovation@Work. The key to success: your own ValueFactory.


What is your growth target for next year? 5%-10% increase? In the program you will learn to think and act in a 1000% percent increase framework. Did you know that the energy a company puts in realizing 10% increase is roughly the same as working on a 1000% percent increase?

Program Details

START: Day -30-0
Day -30-0


The first month of the program each participating team takes part in a Culture- & Innovation assessment. This determines the gap between current and desired culture and mindset. Each team receives a detailed report, that can be used as a reference for company specific actions during the program. Key results:

  • Quantification of company culture
  • Quantification of Cultural Entropy (percentage of time lost to activities that do not contribute to company’s strategy)
  • Insights in most effective keys to Cultural Transformation
  • Quantification of thinking styles
  • Insights in Innovation Effectiveness
DISCOVER: Day 1-30
Day 1-30


Key results:

  • The 10X-framework
  • Connection of new company culture framework to company vision
  • Determination of GAP between company ambitions and current operations
  • Definition of broad innovation categories that could fill the gap

In this phase the innovation team works closely with the company leaders.

CREATE: Day 20-80
Day 20-50


Key results:

  • Putting into practice cultivation of growth mindset
  • Apply Design Thinking
  • Meet with at least 10 customers to probe unmet needs
  • Decision to focus on 2-3 opportunity areas and/or Innovation domains

Day 30-80


Key results:

  • First operational team to develop Innovations
  • Find & eliminate “zombie” projects
  • Implementation of discovery-driven-learning approach (including Team Learning, Job-to-be-Done, Customer Journey, Business Model Innovation) in current and new innovation projects.
REALISE: Day 50-90
Day 50-90


Key results:

  • Company specific innovation process
  • Innovation Culture framework
  • Ideation Structures
  • Innovation productivity structures
  • Innovation governance structure
  • Train selected senior leaders in role of Innovation Project Sponsors
  • First review of innovation projects
  • Actionable scale-up plan for company 10X-ValueFactory


At this point starts the execution of the 10X-ValueFactory scale-up-plan. During this time you get:

  • Monthly coaching session (Skype) with experts from DeWaardeFabriek
  • Access to the innovation community on the DWF Culture Management Platform for ongoing exchange of experience and knowhow, testing new ideas (!)
  • 3 Quarterly Strategy Days to enhance peer-to-peer learning through exchange of experiences, networking, dialogue and workshops by upcoming and renowned contributors.

Key Benefits

✔︎ A mastermind program with high-level of coaching and peer-to-peer learning ✔︎ Clear quantification of progress, based on unique Culture & Innovation Culture Assessments ✔︎ Validation of company specific growth opportunities ✔︎ Making Culture x Innovation work ✔︎ Clear keys to boost your company Culture & Innovation performance ✔︎ Transparent Innovation governance structure ✔︎ Supported by full suite of Culture & Innovation tools ✔︎ Actionable market validation process

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How does the program work?

Group training

An aligning kick-off with all participants is followed by four monthly sessions. These meetings are a combination of interventions, training, coaching and peer-to-peer experience exchange. The fourth session finalizes the 90-day period founding each company’s ValueFactory.

Guided Self-action

During the program the participants have access to the DWF Culture Management Platform. A digital working space, specifically designed to support Innovation Culture Transformation. Through this system the participants are guided and challenged to stay in tune with the 90 day agenda.

Peer-to-peer learning

Interaction between all participants is encouraged to exchange questions, know-how and experiences.

Team Coaching

During the program the teams are coached and have access to coaching support by DeWaardeFabriek.


After creating the 10X-ValueFactories participants are encouraged to scale the Culture- and Innovation learnings in their respective organisations. To support this work, participants have access to coaching support by DeWaardeFabriek as well as community support through the DWF Culture Management Platform. The teams are invited to quarterly strategy days. These days are organised to enhance peer-to-peer learning by themeless exchange of experiences, networking, dialogues and special topic workshops by upcoming and renowned contributors.


To help participants to monitor their progress, program monitoring is in place with frequent Culture & Innovation assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in the program?
This unique program is specifically designed for company teams that want to build – or are in the process of building – innovation capabilities. Where other programs focus on marketing and finance, we help leaders focus on building a solid business foundation that can sustain long-term growth.
It’s all about leadership development, team building, strategy implementation, and process improvement. Based on thorough assessment of the team and company you receive actionable guidance and coaching in building and filling your innovation pipeline.
Teams of four (of the same company) will work closely through guided challenges, gaining background and experience as innovation change agents. Since company lead involvement is critical to success, you are coached in building this open relationship.
Company lead is involved in some steps of the program where you build the company specific framework, necessary as guidance. As a result after 90 days, you will have founded your company ValueFactory: more than a physical space, an inspirational culture ready to create and deliver new value to the company.
In the monthly meetings you meet the other participating teams to exchange experiences and learn together. You will have access to a digital communication platform for coordinating teamwork as well as exchanging news, ideas, questions and know-how with fellow participants.
What do I get?
As part of the program you get the following combination of Training & Coaching, Resources and Software:
  • Exclusive work-guides with weekly and daily agenda
  • Subscription to the DWF Culture Management Platform, specifically tuned to support innovation and cultural learning
  • Access to 4 monthly training & coaching 1-day meetings
  • Access to 3 quarterly strategy 1-day meetings, where renowned speakers will exchange experiences and learnings
  • Access to innovation e-learning program supporting the work-guides
  • Frequent team-coaching on both innovation progress as well as team culture and performance
  • Access to unique webinars deepening your understanding of innovation and culture
What is the foundation of the program?
The program is build on

4 design principles

Principle #1: R=B x CT
Results = Business x Culture based on Trust
Focus on results starts with team-trust. Only from trust there is a foundation to develop a focus on results eventually.
Principle #2: Growth Mindset
Innovation equals a mindset that is curious on ‘different’. Different means learning opportunity. Different means complementary.
It is not only the individual mindset, but mostly the organisational culture that makes or breaks organisational growth mindset.
Principle #3: D-C-R-S
Discover – Create – Realise – Scale-Up
Linear problem solving works for linear problems. Systems involving humans are complex by definition. Requiring validation along the way. Validation of issue, solution and business model. Discover – Create – Realise – Scale-Up.
Principle #4: Continuous aligning of collective talent
Growth and learning of a company starts with structure and culture of cultivating ideas. Ideas lead to hypotheses, which upon testing lead to insights. That is discovery-driven-learning. Closing the cycle is open dialogue to reach decision. That is the challenge of companies. This only works by connecting individual talent to build collective talent.
What is the program investment?
This program is meant for company teams of four participants each. Maximum eight teams will start each master program cycle. The investment is € 125/month per participant* excl. VAT. 10% Discount for FLEVUM-members. Use discount code FLEVUM201601

*Access is per company team of 4 participants, €500/month billed annually or monthly payment of € 575 excl. VAT per team.

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How do I participate in the master program?

There are following steps to make sure that the program delivers the value you are looking for: Step 1: Expression of interest You send us your contact details and rough idea of the value you are looking for. Step 2: MeetUp to tune expectations We come to you so that we get to know one another better, discuss the background of your expectations and what we provide in the program in order to meet those needs. Step 3: Agreement We agree on the concrete value you want to gain and how the program will contribute to make this happen. At this point we sign the program contract that entitles you to start the master program. It is our aim to bring together a group of minimum 4 and maximum 8 teams who will start a master program at the same time. The next master program will start in March 2016. Ready to start the conversation?  Open the expression-of-interest document and send us your details. We will be in contact then shortly.

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How to Build Your 10X-ValueFactory

A 1 year hybrid facilitated program to build a sustainable innovative culture.  

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